Getting to Sari Pacifica Beach Resort & Spa Lang Tengah
Undergo an adventure to a beautiful beach vacation at Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa Lang Tengah. Sitting calmly at the Island of Lang Tengah, this luxury boutique island resort is built in a rustic 'Kampung' style design, which adds a cultural sense to its visitors. Features only 38 villas that have a private balcony, which is furnish with tropical view and an outdoor tub, our resort is branded an eco-friendly resort around the island. In order to get to this humble yet tranquil land, a 30 minutes land transfer from Kuala Terengganu Airport to Merang Jetty is essential. After so, another 45 minutes boat ride is required from Merang Jetty to Lang Tengah Island. For a more convenient travel, there is another option to get to this beach haven, that is by taking Berjaya Air to Redang Airport, then from Redang Jetty, travel by boat to our resort. Visitors will be entertained with a wide variation of activities during their stay here, like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, jungle trekking, marine park, beach volleyball, island hopping and many more. so, it is confident to say that Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa Lang Tengah is indeed a land of serenity and sensuality that brings each and every travelling expedition to a different height.
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Pulau Lang Tengah- Lot 60, 63, R 218 Pasir Besar, 21030 Mukim Pulau Redang
, Terengganu, Malaysia
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